Monday, April 23, 2012

A heart check

We've been a bit sick around our house.  Sore throats, headache, coughing.  Nothing major but enough to make a few of us feel miserable.  At the end of the week last week Greta started running a temp and started to complain about her ear hurting.  So, decided to call the clinic and get her an appointment.  Our clinic has had some changes lately.  One of those changes is that when the doctors are full for the day they have a couple doctors that are "on call" and it is a "walk-in" clinic.  You just go in and it is a first come, first serve basis.  I loaded up Greta, Buche and Burka and into the clinic we went to try out this new "walk-in" system.  There were many other mom's that did that same thing that morning I guess.  Greta was feeling sick to her stomach, so "puke" bucket in hand we walked into to a FULL waiting room. 

We walked in and waited.  And then we waited.  And then we waited some more.  Greta was feeling miserable.  But, she was able to sleep most of the "wait".

She was finally called into see the doctor. She indeed had an ear infection and after a few hours spend in the clinic with other sick people she was prescribed an antibiotic that would help her get better.  But, to get the antibiotic I needed to load her and the boys up, drive to our pharmacy and wait again while the prescription was filled.   This wait was much quicker than the clinic wait, but I had two little boys that were very anxious to be free and play like little boys do and a little girl that just wanted to crawl in her bed and sleep.

Finally, we made it out of the pharmacy, medicine in hand.  I loaded my kiddos up and drove home. 

Although I feel like I was kind to the staff at the clinic and everyone at the pharmacy it wasn't until we were driving home that I had a heart check.  I was really frustrated with the changes at our clinic.  My thoughts were, "Do these people know that we pay TONS of money out for medical insurance every year!  And, this appointment is still going to cost me money!  And, Greta is feeling really crummy right now while we wait.  And... can they not see that I have twin toddlers with me.  It is not an easy fate to control twin toddler boys in a waiting room for hours!" 

But, on the car ride home my thoughts changed to this.  "Rachael, you saw medical care in Ethiopia!  You have listened to the hearts of people in Ethiopia that had family members die because of the lack of medical care.  Simple medical care and prescriptions that you might have to wait for a bit to get... speaking a few hours. 

And then I was reminded of this blog post from Levi at BringLove.In  He told the story about how Beletu, the head "house mother" at Bring Love In needed medical care.  As I pondered how much money medical care costs my family, needing medical care cost Belelu much more.  Her family, her husband and her son.  Again, I was reminded my "wait" in the clinic was nothing to complain about.  My frustration to drive my 15 minute drive to my clinic and then 5 minute drive to the pharmacy was NOTHING compared to her 11 hour bus ride to get to the doctor from her village.

We got home.  I tucked sweet Greta into her bed.

Burka and Buche filled their tummies with Injera and Shiro Wot. 

And, I asked for forgiveness from my God for my bad attitude.  It is my prayer that God will continue to remind me of all I have to be thankful for when my heart and mind forget. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A precious little girl

I've not been a very good blogger lately.  Not because I've had nothing to say ... more like I can't seem to get the things that have been stirring in my heart down in writing.

I posted this picture on facebook today.

For a lack of creativity on my part I called the picture "Brothers".   My aunt commented, "Sons".  Moved me to tears.  I will forever be thankful for each of my children.   Forever I will be changed as I have seen how God knits families together.  No words will do those feelings justice.  

We've been busy doing things like going to the dentist... Buche and Burka are some amazing little patients.  Amanda and Hannah go to the dentist tomorrow.  We'll see if they sit as nice :).  I know they won't let me take a picture and post it!

We colored eggs at grandma and grandpas getting ready to celebrate Easter.  Buche and Burka would tell you very loudly that "Jesus is ALIVE!".

We celebrated my brothers birthday.  He's the best brother ever! Sure do love him!

Grace and Greta sang to him.  Grace starts guitar lessons in a week but she looked up on you tube how to play "Happy Birthday".

And, we have some very sweet friends who gave the boys adorable dolls!  They have been named "Burka" and "Buche"...

And are slept with for every nap and night :)

We got new "sleep caps" from  Love them!

Zachary and Ryan spent a few days with friends in CO skiing and snowboarding.  They sent home this amazing pictures.  Mountains ... they are indeed majestic! And the thought of my son that is ending his Junior year of high school this year makes me cry ...tears of joy ... tears of sadness. He's an amazing young man!

And, while all this is happening there is a deep stirring in my heart.  I'll share just a bit ...

I've mentioned before that our boys were on our agencies "waiting children" list. While we were in Africa for our embassy appt I met a little girl that is on our agency's "waiting children's list"  She gave me a hug and a kiss every time I saw her.  She has a smile that shines bright. She is a precious, precious little girl.  That was almost ten months ago.  She is still on our agencies "waiting children's list".   I am indeed praying for this precious little girl and for a stirring in the hearts of those that are called to be her family.  Join me please?