Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, Grace!

Today is Grace's 10th birthday.  

Grace is a sweet, generous, gentle little girl!  She is has a tender heart and is an encourager in our family.  She has a keen sense of knowing who is having a "not so good" day and comes along side whoever it is.  Grace is so excited to bring her two little brothers home.  She just asked last night if I could please get her a picture of her new brothers that would fit in her little locket so she could wear them around her neck.

 God has blessed us richly when he gave us Grace.  We love you sweetheart.

Grace and Grandma Linda love to be "funny" together.

Playing in the outside in the summer time.

Grace loves horses.  She got to go to "horse camp" this last summer.  She had a blast!