Thursday, November 10, 2011

Monkeying Around

Yesterday after lunch I was getting the boys ready to lay down for a nap.  Burka was sitting on the toilet.  On the back of the toilet was the toilet paper holder that Buche had pulled off the wall a few weeks ago.  He thought it was a great thing to play with when we were in the bathroom ... until the sheet rock gave way and we no longer had a toilet paper holder on our wall.  

While Burka as sitting on the toilet he started playing with all the pieces of the tp holder.  

At this time of the day I'm in my "lets just get this bathroom trip done" mode and I said to Burka..."PLEASE stop 'monkeying around' with that."  I walked out of the bathroom to let the little guy finish.  Buche, who had been listening to me talk to Burka says to me ...  "Funny mommy!  Booooka no monkey!" as he laughed quite loudly as he was correcting me.

How could I do anything but laugh ... They make me smile :)

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kwatkinsinfl said...

That is so funny and beautiful at the same time!