Monday, October 15, 2012

Embracing Hope Ethiopia

It's been a long time since I've posted.  Not for a lack of things going on in this household, but mostly for a lack of time to work on a blog post.

I feel like I need to post some pictures of my little guys.  They are getting so big and have changed so much over the last year and half.  It's CraZy, really.  We love, love, love them to pieces!

But, I just needed to share this with you...

Remember when I shared with you about this family that we visited while we were in Ethiopia for our Embassy appt? We visited the Shannon's at  Embracing Hope Ethiopia over a year ago now, but have not forgot about our short visit or the sweet faces of the children that were at the daycare that day.

I am very excited to say that I get to help out on the US side of their store.  And, it's a really neat store.  The store is stocked with handmade jewelry, baskets and other items that the mom's that Embracing Hope Ethiopia serves hand make.  These mom's are paid for making the items that you can now buy!  Your purchase helps a mom in Ethiopia support herself and her child(ren).   A mom that now can be proud of her work and be able to support her child(ren) rather than resort other means to simply live and keep her child alive ... such as begging.

Check it out.  Think about your Christmas list.  And, for the next 11 days you can get in the Pre-Order Sale on Apparel, which is new to the store.  You can now wear your very own Embracing Hope Ethiopia shirt.  It will give you an opportunity to share with others what Embracing Hope Ethiopia is all about.  Not all clothing items will be available after the Pre-Order Sale or will the prices likely stay the same.  Plus, right now you get a an Embracing Hope Ethiopia decal with your T shirt order.... and free shipping!

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Anonymous said...

This is great - I will definitely order some Christmas gifts here. And, I think I recognize some of the models!