Friday, July 9, 2010

Drawn From Water T Shirts

Over the last year we have been following an organization called Drawn from Water. We have been given the opportunity to watch God work out a way for us to help the mission of Drawn From Water. If you don't already know their story, please go to the Drawn From Water website to learn more.

In short, DFW rescues children from tribes who face the death penalty because of superstitious tribal practices. DFW now runs an orphanage for the children they have rescued and continue their rescuing efforts. A few of the children have already been placed with their forever adoptive families. They currently care for more than 20 children in their orphanage.

The first children were literally rescued from the very same river where they would have been drowned, which is how they chose the name, Drawn from Water.
Now for the first time, they are offering T-shirts for sale!!

The T-shirt is the outline of Africa with "It Began with Bale", the first child rescued, at the top of the continent, followed by the next 8 children rescued after Bale.

Take a Look at what God has done by checking out the new on-line store and the new T-shirts!! They are very cool!! The shirts are only $23, which includes shipping in the U.S.!! Buy one of each color for yourself. Buy one of each color for your spouse. Buy them as gifts for friends and family.

Please join me and help spread awareness of this organization by posting this on your blogs, Facebooks or any other way you prefer to communicate on-line. 100% of the profits will go to DFW and towards their efforts to rescue children!!
Go visit the store to learn all the details.

They offer the shirt in two brilliant colors:

Caribbean Blue

Smoke Grey

Save this site in your favorites or link it to your blog. There are more items coming to the store soon!

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