Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Season of Advent

Advent.  The season that Christians all around the world are in a "waiting" period of time.  A season of preparation for the coming celebration of our Saviors birth.  Waiting to celebrate His arrival and what that means to us.  

I looked up the definition of "wait".  One definition was: to stay in place in expectation of.  Another was: to be ready and available.  Another said: to remain stationary in readiness or expectation.

There is such joy in waiting for Christmas.  All the traditions that are done like making lefsa and Christmas cookies, putting up the Christmas tree and making Christmas presents.  Thinking about all the time that will be set aside to gather with all our extended family.  And, what about getting cozy in front of the fire watching our favorite Christmas movies.  Such Joy!  It is my prayer that as all those things are happening, that I remember that it is all in honor of the One who came to this earth as a babe - the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ that we are celebrating.

This year, as we "cozy" up in front of the fireplace sipping hot coffee my mind can not help but go to the millions of orphans around the world.  Those here in America - those in Haiti, Africa, China, the Ukraine - and all around the world.  

My mind wonders to where our little one is.  Where will he or she spend this Christmas?  Maybe with birth family and if that is the case it may be the last Christmas that is spent with birth family.  That makes me sad.   Or, maybe Christmas is spent in an orphanage as his or her heart is wondering what is next.  Maybe our little one will be in an entirely different place or situation that I can even dream up.  Never the less, my heart is with our little one - and the millions of orphans around this world that are hurting and alone.  My heart breaks for birth mothers and birth families who are agonizing over hard decisions that they are having to face.  

So, as I stay in place in expectation of celebrating my Saviors birth I will remain stationary in readiness to to listen to His call and go where he sends me.  My heart longs to be ready and available.  And, I wait in the hope and pray that He sends us to Ethiopia soon to unite with our babe He has there for us.