Monday, December 6, 2010

Room or No Room

The thought of "room or no room" has been drifting in and out of my mind these days.  Partly, because it is the Christmas season.   Part of Jesus's birth in the Christmas story is the Inn keeper telling Mary and Joseph that there is "no room" for them to stay at the Inn.  The Inn Keeper closed the door.  But God opened another.  Not the door that was perhaps expected but the door that God knew would be open all along.

We were together with some dear friends last night, and Ryan mentioned that we looked at doing foster care many years ago.  I remember being really disappointed when we decided that foster care was not for us at that time.  It felt like the door closed.  It felt like we were saying there is "no room" at this Inn.  And, that door did close, but God opened another door.  Not only have we been blessed with some beautiful daughters since we sat at our dining room table with the social worker that was explaining to us how foster care worked in our county, but now the door as been opened for us to adopt from Ethiopia.  I believe God knew what we could handle and when we could handle it.  I'm in awe at how God has been preparing our family to adopt - really for years.

Taking the "room in our Inn" thought to have a much larger meaning, I believe that making room in our Inn could be smiling and encouraging our neighbor.  It could be visiting someone that is in a nursing home.  It could be adopting or doing foster care.  It could be doing some sort of respite care for a friend or supporting another parent having a difficult time with a child.  How about sponsoring a child across the ocean or mentoring a child in our local school district.  What about sitting with someone who is dying, comforting them. There are so many things that are open doors to be the hands and feet of Jesus if we have our hearts and eyes open to see the doors God has opened before us.

So, as I ponder the thought of "room or no room", I am so thankful that God is in charge of all the details.  I'm so thankful that God always opens that doors that should be open.  And, I pray that I keep the door open for what God has planned because I really don't want to miss out on the exciting adventures He has for me - for my family.

Ryan and I watched this video last night together.  It spoke to our hearts and  thought I'd share it with you.  As we think about "room or no room" - I pray we keep in mind the faces that are behind the reason we need to walk through open doors and find room in our Inns.  I am not in any way suggesting adoption is for everyone - but I do believe as Christians we all play a part in caring for each other - in whatever way that looks for each individual person.  Let's together find "room in our Inns".