Monday, February 7, 2011

God Stories

I am just simply amazed at the stories that God writes.  There is much awe and amazement as God stories unfold.  I pray that my heart is always positioned to be expectantly waiting for God stories to keep unfolding.  My God is in the business of doing amazing things, things beyond my comprehension.  It just seems like as we have been walking down this adoption journey, there are so many things in this world that hurt and are discouraging.

Ryan and I are just finishing reading Mary Beth Chapman's book Choosing to SEE.  It is an amazing book of God stories.  I'm in awe of the Chapman's faith even in really, really hard circumstances.  I'd suggest reading it if you haven't.  Through the laughter and tears that have been shed reading this book, God has shown himself in amazing ways.  A Mighty God! 

I love watching God stories that are unfolding with our friends.  Lives being touched. God being glorified.

And, check out this story of redemption.  It has been such a blessing to follow this family as they journey through what God has called them to.

My mom had a heart attack a few weeks ago.  It was a really hard week as we spent it in the hospital with her, but God, who is the business of redeeming and restoring is at work.  My mom is doing great today and that story is still being written in my family.

Today I have a friend that is at an appointment for some major medical issues going on right now.  Her faith and trust inspire me.  Please pray with me expectantly that God will heal her body and reveal the God Story that is being written for her right now so she can share it with many.

Yesterday at church something stood out for me.  A young lady shared something very simple, but it hit me so profoundly.  Anywhere in your life that you have lost Hope is an area that is believing a lie.  Sometimes, I feel like I buy into believing in a lie.  It's then don't feel like I am able to see the God Stories that are being written.

So, today as my heart aches to bring home two little boys that God has called us to, I am going to put my trust and hope in God as He continues to unfold His story.  He is in charge of all the details.  I'm learning that I could not write the story remotely as amazing as He will.

Residing in the truth today.