Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We're still waiting ... waiting for a court date.  I guess there is one thing about 5 children in our home, we are not "bored" while we are waiting for our little boys to be with us.  And, I would have to say, as we are doing things these days, there is not a day that I don't wish those little guys were here to experience life with us!

Zachary has been doing what he loves most about winter.  Snowboarding!  He just got home from a trip to Colorado.  He says it was epic!  I love that boy ... oh, maybe I should say young man??

...because, as we are making a room for two little boys and thinking about diapers, car seats, booster chairs and cute little teddy bears like these cute little ones we found ...

The mail box is starting to flood with letters like these ....

Yikes!  Am I old enough to have a child that is ready to seriously look at colleges?  Really??  The reality of Zachary finishing up his 10th grade year and then only having his junior and senior year left is setting in more everyday.  The mailbox flooding with letters from colleges push that thought process even a bit farther.   Yet we are still thinking about diapers and little teddy bears.  Yikes!  Am I young enough to be have a set of 2 year olds in our house?  Life is exciting!  Really, I am so excited about these next chapters of our lives!

And,  I made my first Ethiopian meal for my family.  I gave Doro Watt, Misr Wot, Tsebhi Sga/Key Wet and Injera a whirl.  It was so fun to make.  I thought it was super yummy.  A few in our house thought it was a bit "spicy". Our scandinavian blondies who like bland food might need to acquire the taste of Doro Watt and Injera.