Sunday, July 24, 2011

The next days ...

The next days in Ethiopia were amazing!  Days that I can not share much about because the details are for our family ... for our boys to hear from us when they are old enough to understand.  Details that are delicate and precious.  I'll share some pictures of our trip to southern Ethiopia - the part of Ethiopia that our boys' were born in.

We saw beautiful homes like these on our way.

The Rift Valley is full of breath taking beauty!

The children and beautiful!

The bamboo huts and fencing are a work of art.

The waterfalls are amazing!

We got to see a "fish market"

Not only did we wake up in the morning to monkey's running on the roof at our hotel, but Ryan even got to feed one some Hambasha.

We visited this Orthodox Church.

We bought some traditional clothing for the boys' from this store and got to tour how they were making the fabric and sewing the clothes.

There is no doubt in my mind that these two days were a gift from the Lord that we will treasure in our hearts forever.

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