Monday, February 6, 2012

A trip up north

I get to go here this week with my Grace and the 5th and 6th graders from her school as well as another area school.  Its a four day field trip ... We are very excited!  We will get "play"outside all week long while we learn new things.  

Going with Grace for the week means that it will be the first time that I leave my little guys.  Other than a few hours at a time ... just a handful of times they have been with me.  Buche has been telling me for the last week "mommy no leave Buche".  Oh, does that pull at the heart strings!  Then Burka follows suite telling me not to leave too, but he is a daddy's boy and isn't nearly as concerned about mommy leaving for the a few days.    They will be with their daddy or grandma they days that I'm away.  I know they will be well taken care of.  I know that it will be good for them to depend on their daddy alone as work has taken lots of his time since they have been home from Ethiopia.  It will be good for their attachment.  It will be good for me and them to be separate a bit.  But, I'll be honest, I'm dreading leaving them!  They'll have their big brother by there side for the week, too. He's such an awesome brother!  I will miss him too! 

And, I'll miss their daddy!  Thank you for being the dad you are, Ryan.  I know that the kids will have a great week with you.  They will get to eat out lots, have junk food for snacks, do little cleaning and lots of playing and know they that are loved by their daddy.   

And, leaving for the week with my Grace means leaving these girlies at home too.  I sure do love my girls too!    They are such a blessing to me.

It will be a good week :)

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Carrie said...

You are such an AMAZING mother with a beautiful heart! It is such a blessing to be your friend. I LOVE reading your open and honest posts. I know it is hard leaving most of your family, but it will be great for Gracie to have this time with you too. I also know Ryan can handle things just fine at home. It is good for him. Just wish I lived closer and could help. I'd LOVE it. Maybe you guys can go somewhere this summer- seriously!!

Thanks for letting us visit this weekend. We treasure our friendship with you and your precious family. Love you dear friend!