Wednesday, February 29, 2012

You got me, mommy.

I held one of my little boys for his whole nap today.  I don't always do that.  Actually, I have not done that much at all lately. When the twins nap, I am often found with a cup of coffee, folding and ironing laundry, cleaning bathrooms, washing floors, making dinner or doing something fun like creating a crafty project ... simply because it is so much easier to do those things without the help of twin toddlers.

But, today ... I laid with and held my baby boy the whole time he slept.  I watched him cuddled in.  I took this picture right before he woke up.  Peace.

As soon as he opened his eyes he smiled.  Barely awake yet he said "mommy. you got me."  To which I replied, "Yes, forever, baby ... I got you forever".

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