Friday, October 14, 2011

Bring Love In

Thanks for the emails and comments of encouragement.   I am blessed and thankful.   

It's Friday!  I have to share with you another thing I'm thankful for and blessed to be a part of.  I have blogged in the past about Bring Love In.  Today, I'd just like to draw your attention to them again.  You might know this, but the Benkert family who started Bring Love In live in Addis Ababa and are working on creating forever families right in Ethiopia.  Their plan is to pair widows with orphans and create forever families.  They are working with the Ethiopian government right now on the start up and it looks like things will be complete and ready to open these homes very soon.

How amazingly awesome.  I'm so excited to see how God works out all the details.  I know I'm probably writing to an audience that has seen first hand the devastation that poverty brings.  As we traveled the streets of Addis and greater Ethiopia this year we saw children all over in need.  Adoption is one answer for that need, but I do not believe that it is the only answer.  That make me so thankful for families like the Benkerts who are there and have a vision for things like this.  

If you have not read Levi's blog you should go and check it out here.  He writes from his heart and what I most appreciate about Levi is that he doesn't hold back.  He has recently been sharing life experiences that have shaped his life ... made him who he is today.  He is very transparent and honest in his writing, which I believe is just how we should be.  

I have been privileged and honored to help in Bring Love In in just a small way.  A good friend and I have been working on designing a T shirt and getting it into the store at Bring Love In.   We also get to do the shipping of the store items.  It's so sweet to be a part in a small way of what the Benkerts are doing at Bring Love In.  The store is now open.  There are some awesome bracelets in there right now.  They were made in Ethiopia and are making there way to the states as I am typing this.  The T shirts will be in the store soon.  I'll let you know when we get them in.  

Levi and his sweet wife Jessie have shared with us that they are so thankful for the support that they get - that it's not just money but it helps them feel like they are not alone. So, as you are gearing up for shopping for Christmas remember the Bring Love In store.  

Or, you could help raise the funds needed for a van for Bring Love in.

Or you could hop on Levi's blog and give him a comment of encouragement.  I can only imagine the difficulty that must go with seeing poverty every day.  

Join me in praying for Bring Love In and the Benkert family in Ethiopia.  I'm so excited to watch and see what God does!

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