Sunday, March 6, 2011

Letters to God

This little girl picked out a movie for our family to watch tonight.  

Letters to God ( ...  if you haven't seen it you should - but do have a tissue box near you. 

There was much "talk" this week about Ethiopia and adoption.  The Voice of America website posted this

For those of us in the process of adoption right now it stirs many emotions.  Here is what the movie we watched tonight reminded me I need to do ...write a letter.

Dear God,
Thank you for children and what they teach us.
Thank you for sending your son for me and for everyone. 
You alone are mighty to save.
Will you please protect children everywhere - however that looks.  
You are justice. 
Will you please help us fight for justice while you set the lonely in families.  
Will you please work in the hearts of those that are making decisions that will affect children.  
Will you please permeate the hearts of all the people involved with the MOWA and Ethiopia courts.
Thank you.  I love you.