Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Strength Will Rise

There has been so much happening and so much speculation and possible "rumor" of things happening these days with adoption in Ethiopia.  Up to this point, we felt like the adoption we are in the process of was flowing so "smoothly".  We are still waiting for a court date and not really any longer than we expected to wait.  But, with the MOWA cutting the "letters" they write from 50 a day to 5, we felt a slowdown that seems to be happening take the "wind out of our sails".  It sent me to a weepy emotional state while sharing about the boys and our adoption journey rather than beaming with smiles and anticipation of having the twins home with us soon.

Then I was reminded...  God is still God.  By a complete stranger that has NO idea that we are adopting or what we are going through right now.

God is still God.

So, because I believe God is still God, I felt like the thing to do is remain as calm about the situation as I could.  Someone said "Pray, don't panic".  That is what I've tried to do.  I have to admit that because I already feel such a strong connection with these little boys it felt like "letting go" of my children.  I needed to hand them over to God.  It spoke to me in many ways ... It really has shown me that I have 5 children living here that I think I have control over - and I do have choices to make in parenting - but I believe ultimately God is in control of their lives.  God has shown me areas that I need to hand them over to Him.  Then, a friend asked me to get together to pray.  She reminded me about a verse that the Lord gave me at the beginning of this adoption journey.  "About Benjamin he said: Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in him, for he shields him all day long, and the one the LORD loves rests between his shoulders."  Deuteronomy 33:12.  I was reminded that God is protecting all children and has a plan - much better than I could ever dream up myself.  After God gave me this verse when we started this journey He brought me to Genesis and showed me who Benjamin was - the child that Rachel died giving birth to.  I wrote about this here.  I really want to get myself out of the way to see God work out the details.  And, then I was reminded by the same stranger that reminded me that God is still God that God is still Good.

God is still Good.

Yes, I believe God is still Good.  He knows the details of what is happening in Ethiopia.  There is so much more involved than I could ever understand.  God is justice - and I believe it is His heart to protect all children.  I need to trust God.  God works in all things.  I have seen how God has used things like heart attacks, tough situations with children and trips to emergency rooms to bring family together.  This journey has been no different and I trust that He is using this journey to bring our family closer to Him. There has been rumor that the MOWA has agreed to process 20 cases a day instead of 5.  That paints a whole different picture.  Our agency has assured me that things are looking much better this week than last week.  I am continuing to pray that we get a court date soon but I am also on my knees for God's plan to unfold for all the children of Ethiopia.  I am praying that God's justice reigns on this country - no matter how that looks.  I believe I can not even begin to understand what that looks like.

 My mom has had this picture hanging on her fridge for as long as I can remember.  I love it!  I am striving to be the "little girl" in the swing ... simply trusting the One who holds the master plan and not leaning on my own understanding of the circumstances.

I'm in awe at who God uses in our lives to reveal Himself to us - and just how He works.  So, back to the stranger that reminded me that God is still God and that God is still Good.  She ended this thought with To God be the Glory.  Thanks for reminding me of this profound truth, sister.

To God be the Glory

Strength will Rise as I wait upon the Lord.  Yes, To God be the Glory.  No more needs to be said.  

On another note - check out this video.  It really does tell the "story of adoption" as it is being revealed to me.  (remember to silence the music at the bottom of the blog while you watch the video)

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