Friday, January 6, 2012

A big week

We've had a busy week here in our home.  The big kids are back in school.  The little boys miss them like crazy.  I miss them like crazy!  I love it when our family is all together, and honestly, it seems to be more times than not that all 9 of us are in the same place at the same time these days. 

Buche and Burka have had a busy week.  One morning they went to work with Ryan.  I had an appointment that I could not take them with me to.  They had to go and pick up some things from the UPS store and then went through the McDonalds drive through and ate and watched cartoons in the break room at our office.  Up to this point they tell me every day that "daddy is at work in his mercar" (what they call Ryan's vehicle).  I think they think that Ryan drives around all day.  Now, they think he eats McDonalds and watches cartoons.  :)

Then the next day we spent 2 1/2 hours at the clinic.  2 shots in each leg for each little guy and blood drawn was not fun.  
They played "hide n seek" waiting for the Dr. to come into the room.

I am simply amazed at how well they handle these things!  Yes, there were tears, but they ended quickly after hugs and kisses.... 

and a sucker.

  Burka has yet another double ear infection.  We have not had many ear infections in our home at all until now.  Tubes might be in our future... we'll see.  We also did a bone scan of their hands.  Their correct age has been a big question for everyone.  

And ... IT HAS BEEN JUST OVER 6 MONTHS SINCE THE BOYS CAME HOME!  In some ways it seems like yesterday that they came home and in some ways it feels like they have been forever a part of our family.  6 months home sounded like a reason to celebrate to me... so we went to have Injera, wot and an awesome cup of Ethiopian coffee at Faskia, an Ethiopian restaurant.  It was so yummy.  

And, not only was it yummy but the people that run the restaurant are so fun!  So much love in the air.  We got many hugs and kisses ... especially the boys.   And, I'm thankful to report that the boys were very resistant to those hugs and affection. As strange as that may sound it is a great thing that they clung to Ryan and I.  They know mommy and daddy.  Makes my heart smile :)
But, they did get many hugs, many kisses and much love from staff and customers alike.  And, to top it off we were able to buy Berber, Shiro and Yellow Split Peas right there at Fasika. 

Happy 6 months home little guys!  We love you like crazy and can not image life without you!

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kwatkinsinfl said...

Wow...busy times. I'll be interested to hear the results of the bone scan. Did they say how accurate it will be? We're debating whether or not to have this done when our kiddos get home.