Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, Hannah!

Today is Hannah's 12th birthday.  It seems like yesterday she was a baby that we were rockin' in the rocking chair.  She is going into a beautiful young lady.  

She is a sweet heart.  She's quite serious - in a good way.  Hannah has a special place in her heart for little kids and takes such good care of them.  I can't wait to see how she bonds with her two new brothers!  She is excited to spend a week caring for the kids at the transition house we will be staying at in Africa.

Hannah is learning to play Violin.  She works very hard at it and I love listening to her play.  She also took up volleyball this year and it was so fun to watch her get better as the year progressed.  Hannah is very determined.  If she has her mind set that she can do something, nothing will stop her until she accomplishes what she set out to accomplish.

She's such a blessing and I'm so glad she's my little girl!

I'm so proud of you Hannah.  I love you.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

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Tammy said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Hannah!!