Monday, May 23, 2011

Some of us are home...

Thanks for your prayers everyone.  I'm humbled by the people that God has put in our lives and so thankful for each of you.  

And, some of us are home from Africa.  The little boys needed to stay in Africa until our next trip.  As good as it is to be home, my heart longs to be in Africa.  Ethiopia is a beautiful country.  Ethiopian's are beautiful, amazing people.  And ... We passed court!  We are now legally the parents of two adorable little boys.  We spent the week playing with B&B, seeing and experiencing Ethiopia and meeting new friends.  I was a bit nervous about all 7 of us traveling, but I have to admit that we worked together quite well.  Of course, we had our moments of breakdowns and tense times, but overall I was very proud of how the kids worked as a team.

Our agencies Africa team that work at the care center the boys are staying at are amazing!  The boys love the nannies, other staff and seem to have a special relationship with one of the guards.  It was incredibly hard to leave them, but  I'm praying that they have a very special time with each the staff in Ethiopia while we await their embassy date to bring them home.  

More later ... after the kids are taken care of, some clothes are washed, paperwork is done and ...  well, all those daily things that just need to get done are at least started.  I'm learning that God is such an amazing author of stories.  I can't wait to tell the story that He wrote in our lives this last week in Ethiopia.  

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kwatkinsinfl said...

Congratulations on passing court! Can't wait to hear more about your trip and those gorgeous boys. Hope the rest of your wait is quick.