Thursday, May 5, 2011

In just days ...

In just days ...  Less than a week ...  We will be boarding an airplane and heading off to Africa.  We have suitcases laid out.  We have the formula that we received from the shower that my sweet friends put on for the boys stacked up ready to pack and bring with us.  We have all the necessary paperwork we need tucked away in a carry on bag.  We have photo albums full of pictures of us and the boys ready to give to the twins when we are in Africa.

I've been preparing my overjoyed heart to accept that we will get to love on the boys for a week and then need to leave them there until we hear about when our Embassy Appt is and go back to get them.  I've been trying to let go of any thoughts about how the boys will react to us meeting them and comprehend how this is really a life long journey that we are on.  Also, we don't know that we will not see any birth family on this trip.  On our second trip there is time set aside specifically to meet with birth family- which I'm so thankful for.  But, we've been told by our agency, that it is not impossible that we might run into birth family either at court or saying goodbye to the kids at the transition home.  They reminded us that if we get to see any birth family on this trip we should count it as a blessing. We will.

Speaking of court.  Our court date has changed.  So, if you are praying over our court date - it is no longer May 18th.  It is on May 16th.  I'm so thankful that we were already going to be in country on that day.  We do not need to change our airline tickets around, which would have likely meant that the kids would not have been able to go with us.  We used airline points for quite a few of the kids' tickets, and once they are used we do not think there is anyway to transfer to a different ticket.  I'll take that as another confirmation that the kids are supposed to be with us on this trip.

And... I'm overwhelmed with the support that we have been given.  Dear friends that we've know for a long time now have reminded us of truth and are covering us in prayer.  I've received emails, calls and and notes.  Thank you for your encouragement and support.  New friends that are on the journey of growing families through adoption that have sent notes with encouragement,  are praying for us (people that I didn't even know that were following my blog and are praying for us - isn't the body of Christ amazing!) and have offered valuable advise and pointers about being in Ethiopia.  I am very humbled ... Thank You Friends!

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