Thursday, June 2, 2011


Sunday morning in Ethiopia!  Sunday morning in Ethiopia and the day before court.  The power had been out in the night a few times.  It was out when I got up.  We had been told to expect that, but this was the first time that it happened.   I woke up early again and spent some time in prayer.  It was my prayer that God would just continue to bond our whole family.  That we would work as a team to show these little boys how much we love them.  That we would work as a team to love on all the kids that were at the care center.  That we would work as a team to show our appreciation and respect to the staff at the care center.  

This was also the day that we got to meet a sweet family that we had connected with before we traveled.  Their children (also a twin set) actually were sleeping in the same bedroom as the boys.  It's so cool how God just places people in your life that are just what you needed!   These friends are such a blessing.  They have have 3 boys at home and they were so understanding and helpful with all of our kids.  It was so fun to watch them come in and meet their little ones for the first time.  It give me goosebumps thinking back to it.

We played the morning away with the boys.  It was fun.  The boys seemed to have fun. As I think back to our time playing with the boys I just so miss them!  I can not wait until they can be with us again and I wonder what they are thinking about us.  We show up for a week and play with them every minute we could and then we leave.  I'm trusting and know that the Father has them in the palm of his hand and that they somehow find peace in this ... and many things that has happened to them their short little lives.  

We went to lunch and got to meet two other couples that we would be going to court with.  They were both adopting kids from the "baby" guest house, so we didn't get to know them well but they sure were a lot of fun.  and their kids were adorable!  

After lunch our bedrooms looked like this.  Being in Africa was tiring!

After we woke up ... and the little boys woke up we went to do more "playing".  Wish we could just play the days away when we are at home too, but things like laundry seem to get in the way :)  Honestly, God has shown me that I need to make a choice to take time to play with my kids.  As our kids have grown up a bit we got out of the routine of "playing".  

Burka came out for Ryan on his own time again but seemed more sad than normal.  Buche also seemed out of sorts.  We pulled out the water bottles and they loved that.  They drank so much water.  They again warmed up and we had fun.  We "drove" around many hours in the cozy coup car, played soccer, and just ran around.  The boys seem to really love playing with our guard.  They has such a special relationship and I'm so thankful for that.  The staff here at our agencies guest house LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the kids.  

Amanda had a headache, so I kept the boys a bit longer and the rest of the family went to dinner while Amanda slept.  She had a hard day.  She was feeling rejected by the boys since their reactions to her were not what she thought they would be.  We got to talk through that together that evening.  God was indeed using this trip for our whole family to bond.  God is indeed strengthening our family and making us a team like we have never been before.  Praise God!

 "I love you, LORD, my strength."  Psalm 18:1

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