Wednesday, June 8, 2011


This is the day that we spent with our friends Jeff and Lesley taking in the beauty of the country in Ethiopia.  It was amazing!

This is the countryside with a volcano in the backgroud

What a beautiful little girl!  In the background you can see a field of "false banana trees".  They use the roots of these trees to make a bread that is called enset.  We were told that the is a common bread eaten in the south and is made out of the roots of these trees.

We brought some back for the boys.  Buche loved it - Burka was too busy to stop and eat I think.  

 A home along side the road

We got to stop and visit a village.  This is the hut that we went into.  It was beautiful!

As soon as we arrived in the village the people brought us stools to sit down.  

This picture was taken from a city.  We were in the vehicle and children started surrounding the vehicle.

This was a lake that we went to see.  

We were picking up some the the black rock that was found all over this area.  It was so shiny and beautiful.

Camels on the side of the road we were traveling on.

One of my favorite sites ... the Acacia Tree!

Farming and cattle on the road

This is an amazing church we toured.  It was carved out of the rock.  This is the elder in the church pictured here.

Another picture of the church

We ended the day with playing with the little boys again.  We tucked them in and knew that tomorrow was our last day in Ethiopia until we get clearance to return and bring them home!  Bittersweet.

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