Thursday, June 9, 2011

The end and a new beginning

Our last day at the care center was so quickly upon us!  The week had gone by so fast.   So much had happened in over these days that I know our lives will never be the same.  We had met our new sons, passed court and could say they were ours, saw beauty and poverty like we had never seen before.  We’re still praying about how to process all that we took in over that time.
On this last day, we spent every moment we could with the little boys.  Zachary was finally feeling better and got to enjoy the last day with his brothers.  The little boys started to cry as handed them back to the nannies.  Of course, I’m sure it was much about they were finally comfortable with us and like the loving and attention than anything to do with bonding and really understanding that we are their family, but never the less, it gave a mothers heart a warm fuzzy feeling when the wanted to stay with us.  And… we knew we needed to say goodbye for an indefinite period of time so that warm fuzzy feeling would be overtaken at times by an aching mother’s heart.  Being a mother – no matter how my children have come to me has seemed to come with such a full range of emotions.  I’m learning to hand my kids over to my God more and more everyday and am so thankful for a mighty God who loves them so much and is so much more capable than me.
We walked over for lunch and got to say goodbye to a beautiful little girl from Rwanda and her mommy and daddy.  They had been on many weeks of a journey in Rwanda and now were in Ethiopia for their Embassy appointment.  They were on their way home with their precious little girl.   We walked back to our guest house after lunch.  Zachary got some shopping done on our street – a new soccer jersey!  Amanda and Ryan went to the coffee shop and picked up some coffee to bring home.   We played with the boys more. 
We got to feed the boys their snack today.  They had what seemed like a homemade white yeast bread and hot tea.  I was worried about the hot tea.  Not the boys!  They were used to it and loved it.  We got to have a tea party!
And… the time had come.  Time to say goodbye.   We held it together as we kissed our little guys.  They cried as we handed them back.  It was dark outside.  We loaded in our vehicle as backed out of the guest house.  I can still see all of the kids and nannies holding up little Burka and Buche crying and waving good bye.  I can hear the chatter of the kids saying good bye to us.  Oh how I miss each of those little kids but especially two sweet boys that are ours now.  I miss the smells, the sounds, the people, the animals and so much more of Ethiopia.
But guess what!!!  We got an awesome email yesterday.  We got word that we have cleared the embassy!  Everything is in line.   They boys’ paperwork is done.  Our agency has confirmed our embassy date and told us to purchase airline tickets.  We have the end in sight.  Praise God. 

“To our God and Father be glory for ever and ever.  Amen”  Philippians 4:20


Jennie said...

That's awesome that you got your date! Congratulations!

Katy said...

Yay that you have an embassy date!! :) So excited for you! God is so good!

Cindy said...

have been following your journey ...don't know how i stumbled upon it;) we are headed to pick up our 2 toddler boys leaving states 6/24! what's your date?? Congrats and many blessings, cindy

Rachael said...

Thanks everyone! Cindy - we have a June 20th Embassy date. Congrats and many blessing to you too!

Anonymous said...

I've been really behind on reading blogs lately, so I just read all the posts from your trip. You did a fabulous job describing everything. I'm so glad to hear that they warmed up to your family fairly quickly. And what wonderful news that you passed court on the first try AND got a quick embassy date. That gives those of us still waiting some hope!