Monday, August 1, 2011

5 weeks home (and one day) home

Yesterday marked the day that we had been home with our sons for 5 weeks.  What an amazing 5 weeks it has been! I am in awe at how God knits together families and so thankful for mine!

I've never shared this picture on my blog before, but this is the picture I first saw of my sons.  I knew as soon as I saw it that they were meant to be our sons.  

Here they are today.  I love these little guys and Thank God for giving them to us!


RachieAnnie said...

What beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing.

kwatkinsinfl said...

Such beautiful smiles! They are obviously filled with joy! I fell behind on reading your blog and just read about the broken leg. What a bummer, but I'm glad that the cast will be off soon.

Kristen said... wonderful! They look fantastic!! I am so happy for you, for them...for us all!! Thank you God!

Jennifer said...

I remember the photo on the waitlist. They really look like they are doing amazing.

I hear you with the boys will be boys. Having a 5 year old and 2l month old in the house is a learning experience.