Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Look at me"

We spent much of our last weekend outside.  It was a beautiful weekend.  I'm thankful that we have some summer days left, but yet can feel that fall is lingering in the air.  

One thing that is so fun is to see how the boys take in everything new.  We had a new "first" this weekend - running through the sprinkler.  They love water.

They love water and their big sister who helps them run through the water.

As I see them playing in the water, I can't help but think of the horn of Africa struggling without water.

Today, Isaac Buche goes in for an ultrasound of his heart.  When we came home the doctor found a murmur and thought it warranted getting checked out.  My little guy has had so much "medical" stuff since we've took custody of him... a broken leg and all the appointments that have gone with that along with all the regular medical appointment we had when we got home which include lots of poking and prodding.   He in on a medication that isn't agreeing with his body right now.  I know that in comparison to many children, everything he has gone through medically since we've taken custody is minor.  Nothing is life threatening.   Although I'm anxious to get this heart murmur checked out I'm not really worried about it.  Our doctor doesn't seem really worried about it - he just wants to make sure everything is okay.  However, I would covet your prayers today for my little guy who doesn't really care to walk into a clinic anymore.  When we went to get his cast off he saw the doors of the clinic and said "no mommy" and started to turn around. 

We get asked a lot how the boys are adjusting and how attachment is going.  We decided as a family that staying home with the boys for the first weeks was the best thing to do. We've had a great summer.  We've spent lots of time at home just playing.  I think its been great for all of the kids.  I believe that bringing home our sons has strengthened our whole family.  It touches my heart to see how each of the kids are bonding with their brothers and how their brothers love them so much.  Just yesterday Zachary stopped in for just a minute and Isaac Buche didn't think that was how things should be.  A five minute stop was not enough time for them to play together.  He loves to hang out with his big brother.  And, moments like when I snapped the picture below touch my heart.  Grace was hand in hand with her brothers as she was saying "eh wed eh HA Lehoo" (I love you) Buche and Burka.  Sweet!  

It has also been so fun to watch the two little boys play together.  I absolutely love listening to them talk to each other in their native tongue.  It is precious.   As we prepared to bring the boys home we did much studying and research on bonding and attachment.  Although I think that was good, I've found myself learning much more after the boys have been home.  Things just make so much more sense now.  One of the things that I make sure to do is to have the boys look at me with eye contact when I'm talking to them.  I love looking into their beautiful brown eyes that are fixed on me when I'm talking to them.  So, a few mornings ago while the boys were playing together  Isaac Buche says to Isaiah Burka "Look at me!  I love you Booooka!".   They were locked in eye contact with their hands on each others cheeks.  I think they might be understanding me :)  


kwatkinsinfl said...

That is so sweet. I've always thought that twins were fascinating because of that special bond. And it's great to hear that they are doing well with your other kids, too. Good luck with the heart - I'll be thinking about you.

Kristen said...

I pray for your sweet boy- that his murmur is nothing. Your family is so blessed and how wonderful to spend this time together. I cannot wait to do that!!

Michele Katherine said...

Hi Rachael,

First I love the header photo of your entire family, It's beautiful. Oh what a blessing to have
two more children, the boys are adorable.

There's a lot of love in your home, and most likely a never dull moment :o)

God bless you and your family,

RachieAnnie said...

I have already read that Isaac's heart is fine. I thank God for his blessings in this case with your family. I love that you are continuing to blog the aftermath of the adoption. So many blogs stop and don't show what happens when you get home. I love that the boys do the "look at me. I love you" it warms my heart to know that this methodology that adoption training teaches works when put into practice. Thank you for the encouragement your life provides me.

About us! said...

I was wondering if you could email me? tonyastultz@yahoo.com My husband & I are getting ready to adopt from Africa. We want to ask for twin babies & wondered what agency you went with. Also we've been told that there's a high rate of twins, is that true?