Monday, August 22, 2011

Africa Cookies

It was about 2 weeks after we were home with the boys.  I was inside with my little guy, Issac while Ryan and the other kids were out in the boat.  Isaac still had his cast on.  We were soooo blessed with meals when we got home - it was humbling!  But, I love to cook and bake, and I was feeling like making a treat.  I had just got a new cookie cutter.  It is a really, really fun one!  It is the shape of Africa.  So, Isaac and I made some "Africa cookies" frosting them with red, green and yellow (the Ethiopian flag colors).  It was fun.  I pulled out this nice Tupperware that I don't use that often but fit these delicate cookies so nicely.  For the next few days we had a special treat - "Africa cookies".  That was 6 weeks ago.  I pulled out that Tupperware today for the first time since then, and guess what my little man immediately started chanting ...  "mommy, Africa cookie ... mommy!  Africa cookies!"  I'm amazed at what my babies remember!

On another note, for the first 7 weeks we were home both boys sleep all night, slept tight snuggled in with their blankets and each other.  For the last week, Isaiah has been waking up in the night in sheer terror.  He looks scared out of his little mind.  I think he is having bad dreams ... by the looks of it, nightmares.  The boys sleep together, so that makes for the three of us spending lots of time snuggling together in the middle of the night.  Today, the boys slept for for 4 1/2 hours for their nap.  They are tired, I am tired... but a sweet friend that stopped in today gently reminded me that "this too shall pass".  I'm so thankful for friends!  Now, after Isaac told me about the "Africa cookies" tonight I wonder, what do they remember from their short lives.  What is my baby dreaming about?  Til this passes, I'll lift him up to the one who knows all those answers and spend time in the middle of the night cuddling those little guys.  I did have a chat with them today and told them that mommy is a much happier mommy with some sleep.  We'll see if they understood that. :)

We went out for Pancakes at a pancake feed that my dad's work puts on every year.  They snapped this picture after the girls had caught their cakes that they flip off the griddle high in the air and make you catch on your plate.  Fun times.  I wish Zachary would have been there with us, but this family is getting harder and harder to find all in the same place these days.  He was on his way to play his first soccer scrimmage of the season.

I read this today... so fitting.  A reminder to trust in the one who is indeed my strength. So thankful!

Psalm 28:7 -The LORD is my strength and my shield; My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped; Therefore my heart exults, And with my song I shall thank Him.


Jennifer said...

Let me know when it passes... Mine have been home for a few days shy of five months, and the baby does not sleep through the night. I did reassemble his crib in my room so the hours of sleep I get are in a comfy bed.

He also has night terrors. The last one was at the end of July/beginning of August, so I am hopeful they won't happen again... They last about an hour, and it is horrible. I assume that is what you are talking about.. much worse than waking up scared. They did decrease in frequency, and like I said we haven't had one for a few weeks.

However, five months later he never wakes me only one time a night. ;-) I decided sleep is over rated, but I try to get to bed by midnight and drink a lot of coffee. ;-)

kwatkinsinfl said...

So sorry to hear about the nightmares. It's hard to imagine going through more than these kids have in their short lives. Here's hoping you all get some peaceful sleep soon.