Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Anniversary to my love

It was May of 1990 when I met Ryan.  He loves to share with people that it was all a bet ... the friends he was with bet him that he could not find a prom date by the end of the night.  He landed next to me at the movie theatre.  I was 16 years old.   (Our son turns17 years old in a few days and I shutter at the thought of our son being older than I that day that I met Ryan!)   Well, he found his prom date that evening ... and the rest was history. I still have that little piece of paper he wrote his number on ...  

18 years ago today I was almost 20 years old, madly in love and made a commitment that would last "til death do us part".   I had no idea on that day what life would hold for the next 18 years ... which was probably a good thing because although I would not change the last 18 years for anything I'm not sure that it would not have seemed a bit overwhelming to have known what those years would hold for Ryan and I on the day we were married. There is wisdom in taking things one day at a time.  God amazes me at how he guides us through life giving us just the right amount of things that we need to handle along with exceeding amounts of joy all in His perfect timing.  

Just the other night, Ryan and I were talking about how ANYTHING is possible with God.  You know what his response was?  "Ya, I know that ... you know how I know that? Because we have soon made it through 18 years of marriage!"  Now, that might sound negative, but he did not mean it negative, nor did I take it negatively.  Marriage is a blessing ... but it is not always easy.  I like things my way all too often (did I just admit that in writing so there is proof?).  We have not always flowed through the dance of marriage gracefully, but I'm so thankful for the grace that Ryan has had for me as we learn dance through life together.  I thank God for giving us each the strength it takes to learn to dance together gracefully - more yet, how to come back together and dance together gracefully when things have been tough.  It is amazing how anything is possible ... how we can do all things through God who gives us strength.

I'm so very excited to see how God directs us through the rest of our marriage.  'Til death do us part' on this earth, Ryan ... and then in heaven forever!  I love you.

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