Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I get to be their mommy!

As I rocked my babes to sleep tonight I had just one thought...

How am I so lucky to have them call me mommy?


Carrie Thomas said...

Amazing...so precious! The blessings go both ways. Yes, you are blessed to be their mommy, but they are also blessed to have you as their mommy. Praying for you all dear friend!

Jennifer said...

I agree. I love it. I love when I go to leave them with a sitter for work, and the youngest cries, and I tell him to come give me a kiss..and he does. They both do.

Then I return, and as soon as I am back, the youngest wants picked up, and he tells the babysitter, "bye!" "bye!" like you can leave NOW. ;-)

These kids are sooo sweet.