Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thank You

I'm so very happy to report that little Isaac has a perfectly normal heart!  Everything is just fine.  Amanda, Ryan and Isaiah went with to the clinic, which kept Isaac occupied while we waited.  He did great and didn't mind that we were even at the clinic yesterday.  When we were called into the room and I laid him down on the table he started to cry, but by the end of the test he was ... sleeping!  Yes, he slept through the test.  Guess it worked well to schedule this one over nap time (even though I thought  is was a bad idea when the lady told me that was the only time she could get us in).  I praise God for not only a healthy heart, but a peaceful trip to the clinic.

I sometimes wonder about this "blog world", but I'm amazed at the people I've connected with through telling a bit about our story and reading about others.   Thank you old and new friends for your comments and encouragement. Thank you for telling your stories.  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

So today, I'm so thankful for my sons healthy heart - and you, my friends for your encouragement, thoughts and prayers.  

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